New Asphalt Driveway: How Long to Stay Off New Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt paving is a fantastic long-term investment for your home or company. It not only gives your property a new, contemporary appearance but also increases its value. However, it would be best if you do not drive on your newly laid asphalt 24 hours after installation.

The Process Asphalt Paving 

Asphalt is a black, sticky mixture of bitumen and stone. It’s often used to pave roads, driveways, and parking lots. Paving uses a three-step method: preparing the surface, spreading asphalt, and compacting it.

Paving starts with preparing the surface by removing old pavement, grading it, and adding gravel. Then, we use a roller to compact it. After the surface is ready, the asphalt is heated to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit and spread using a paver machine.

Give your fresh asphalt pavement time to dry and cure before using them to get long service out of them. It’s critical to wait for the surface to dry completely before driving or walking on it since hot asphalt is prone to be soft and flexible. The ideal temperature for paving is between 50°F and 60°F.

Asphalt Drying Process

After the asphalt is laid and compacted, it needs time to dry and cure. The time it takes for the asphalt to cure depends on several factors, such as weather conditions and traffic.

In general, you should avoid driving on your new asphalt for at least 24 hours. If it’s hot and sunny outside, the pavement may cure faster, so you may be able to drive on it sooner. However, it’s best to wait a bit longer before driving on the asphalt if it’s cold or raining.

Wait at least 48 hours before driving on a new asphalt surface for the best results. If it’s hot outside (over 90 degrees Fahrenheit), you should wait longer to let the asphalt cool and set.

Only drive or walk on newly laid asphalt once it has had time to properly cool – if the temperature is too hot, the asphalt can be soft and pliable. If it’s too cold, The asphalt may not adhere properly to the surface, which can cause indentations or footprints.

Asphalt Curing Process

The asphalt curing process starts immediately after the paving job is completed. The surface will begin to cool and harden right away. However, it can take up to a year for the asphalt to fully cure. During this period, the asphalt will gradually harden and become stronger.

The Value of Waiting

Why is it important to know how long to stay off a new asphalt surface? From start to finish, the asphalt paving process can take a few hours to a few days. As hot asphalt might be malleable and soft, it is necessary to wait until the surface has dry completely and cured before driving or walking on it. You risk ruining the asphalt surface if you don’t allow it enough time to cure.

You can damage the surface if you drive or park on the asphalt too soon. It can cause indentations or ruts to form in the asphalt. In extreme cases, the entire pavement may need to be replaced.

If you wait at least 24 hours after the paving job is completed, you’ll give the asphalt time to set and harden. It will ensure that your new asphalt driveway lasts many years.

Safety Measures for Working on New Asphalt Surfaces

You can take the following precautions for your brand-new asphalt pavement.

  1. Use traffic cones, barricades, or tape to block off the area until it is dry.
  2. Put up signs that warn people not to drive or walk on the pavement.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the area until it is dry.
  4. Heavy vehicles, such as trailers or RVs, should not be parked on your new pavement for at least a week to avoid damage.

It’s necessary to avoid driving or walking on newly paved surfaces for at least 24 hours. After that, you can enjoy your new asphalt driveway, parking lot, or road! It will give the asphalt time to cool and harden properly.

The Professional Paving Contractors

When it comes to paving, Buckhead Paving & Construction is a name you can trust. We have over five years of experience in the industry and have paved everything from residential driveways to commercial parking lots in Atlanta, GA. We know that no two projects are alike, so we work closely with our clients to guarantee their vision is brought to life.

We can help you with your new asphalt driveway, starting from scratch or replacing an old one. We’ll remove the old pavement, grade the surface, add a layer of gravel, spread the asphalt, and compact it using an asphalt roller. After it cools down, it’ll be ready to use.

Paving is best done in moderate weather when temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The asphalt may not stick to the surface correctly if it’s too hot or too cold.

Contact Buckhead Paving & Construction now if you want paving work done. We’ll be delighted to discuss your asphalt paving project and give a free estimate if you require patio or driveway repair.